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Marketing isn’t about using one medium. It’s about getting and keeping customers. Yes, brochures will leave a lasting impression on your clients, but to make the most of your marketing Creative Concept Group recommends you use brochure marketing in conjunction with other tactical tools.  We can show you all the ways you can grow your business and gain new clients.


30 second Commercial

60 Second Commercial

5 minute Video Feature

15 minute Infomercial

30 minute Infomercial

Our video production services Includes professional consultation to determine the direction you should go to maximize your reach, we will guide you through the process and take the hassle and confusion out of video marketing.

Included in all of our commercial pricing is:

  • one hour of onsite filming for one location
  • voice over and music is included, and you can pick from an array of options,
  • and we offer script assistance to help strengthen your message

Included in all of our Infomercial Pricing:

  • Professional consultation
  • Included for the 5 minute Infomercial; 2 hours of onsite filming in one location
  • Included for the 15 minute Infomercial; 4 hours of filming in one location
  • Included for the 30 minute Infomercial; 8 hours of filming in one location
  • Voice over and music are included, and you can pick from an array of voice over options
  • We offer script assistance to help strengthen your message
  • Free consultation is offered post production to maximize your reach



 5k Recipient Email

10k Recipient Email

20k Recipient Email

Our email campaign will bring you revenue, referrals, and repeat business through direct marketing practices. We use a client provided list of recipients to target the specific market you want to go after. We custom design an HTML email with client provided logos and graphics along with a link to your website, which will help increase traffic on your website.  With so many people checking and receiving emails on the go, email campaigns can be an extremely effective way to reach new and existing clients.






Our developers deliver polished and concise websites that will represent the professional character of a client’s business online. We give our clients complete control over their site and training to empower them to update site content and provide accurate information as their business changes.  Our websites include:

  • A ‘Contact Us’ Form
  • 1 Year of free Web Hosting
  • Includes the use of any provided Stock Photos or images captured from your brochure or video
  • Custom designed by the best web designers
  • We offer to imbed any videos into your website



Generating a news release helps you promote your company, products, and services to all your key audiences including consumers, business decision makers, the media, and bloggers.  We are now an authorized re-seller for PR Newswire, the leading news syndication service with direct access to the AP distribution satellite. We also provide the client with a detailed analytics report outlining how many and which outlets picked up and published your release.  We guarantee a minimum of 100 web re-postings of a client’s news release.

Key Points:

  • National distribution using PR-Newswire using the AP Satellite Wire Service
  • Online syndication network of more than 5,700 Web sites
  • 30,000 opt-in journalists & over 250,000 news subscribers